Infamous Mugs Halloween Masks

  • Infamous Mugs Halloween Masks
  • Infamous Mugs Halloween Masks

Infamous Mugs Retro Inspired Halloween Mask (Hand Painted)

These highly detailed masks also double as porch light decor.

Each Infamous Mugs Retro Halloween inspired vacuum formed mask measures approxamtly 14" H x 12” W and 3” D depending on the mug. Our masks take you back to a simpler time where Halloween was about fun, broken rubber bands, split plastic chins and sliced tongues from sharp vent slots! However these masks are the highest of quality! We have updated the retro mask with Vacuum Formed 1/16" HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), Greater detail, UV Printed Graphics (unless otherwise noted) and a braided elastic strap with an attached metal barb. Each mask comes in its own collectible box with full bleed graphics and a clear plastic window for your viewing pleasure!

(One Size Fits Most Adults, that’s right, these are adult size & kid size too).

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Colors and design may vary slightly